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My Fall 2013 on location portrait sessions are on sale! There’s not a lot of time left to capture the beautiful leaves, so I suggest booking in as soon as you can, and you will receive $100 off a package of a full session and high resolution images with printing rights!

Call or email me to set aside a time and day!


So after I was finished with the Jahner family (posted below), I had another task! Concentrate on the Leonard trio. TRIO! New parents have that glassy look of bliss and lack of sleep in their eyes. Except that Ava is an angel and often gives her mommy up to 9 consecutive hours of sleep a night. Kind of unfair, to me at least, considering I don’t even get that out of my 14 month old! So their glassy look is pure bliss.
Jen and Joel got married in September of 2010, at Redwoods Golf Course, and it was one of my favorite weddings to date! It was beautiful, emotional, funny, and entertaining! They were ridiculously good looking all dressed up. And now, 9 weeks after giving birth, Jen looks as good as she did on her wedding day. ALSO UNFAIR. But we love her anyway! Joel, of course you still look just as good too!
Okay, the way Joel looks at his little girl is heart melting. Jen seems to have taken to this naturally, despite the somewhat rough road bringing Ava into this world (women are warriors!).
I’m excited to share these images with you all!

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A beautiful Sunday morning spent with a beautiful family. I had a lot of fun with them, we met up at the Historic Stewart Farmhouse to get some photos of their whole family. Especially since a new generation has just been added. Ava is “the pride of the fleet”, and the way her auntie, uncle and grandparents look at her is just as endearing as the way her parents look at her. It is obvious that everyone is thrilled with this new little addition. What a perfect time to get timeless shots of the entire family together, forever there to look back on, and remember those beautiful Fall days just after Ava was born. Every single person in this family is ridiculously good looking! It made my job extremely easy. They also dressed perfectly for our shoot, I was thrilled to see how well everyone complimented each other.
Here are my favorite shots of their shoot.

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I love this family THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much!!! I want to hang out with them all the time! They are so fun, so laid back, so easy to get along with. The kids are all AWESOME! Boys are generally difficult to photograph. When they are younger than 6, they are just too busy. When they are older than 6, they are just not interested. But these boys, wow, they are so fun, well behaved, attentive, smiley, just awesome. The hubbies aren’t bad either! Steve and I were able to talk cameras and lighting. Sean was awesome for getting the kids to smile, he is just full of energy. And the three sisters remind me of my sisters and me. We had a lot of fun getting these shots on Crescent Beach, at Blackie Spit Park, right near Courtney’s house. I’m glad we chose that location, and we caught some great light in the evening.
The rest of the session is ready to go guys!

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Well we have been waiting so long for spring here on the West Coast. I swear, it is much later than usual. I was out and about recently and decided to closely observe some of the spring sprouts and flowers around me! Enjoy!!









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