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This may be a little late, but after all the rush of getting photos done and out the door before Christmas, then the holiday season with my family, I have finally found some time to blog my favorites from my November mini sessions!
And if you’re worried that you missed out on the mini session deal, I suggest you keep your ears and eyes peeled. I just may be offering some more very soon!
Here are some good shots from our quick and painless 20 minute sessions:






















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This is something that has been stewing in my brain for months now. I’m really really excited to finally offer the Saturday Morning Sessions!

Wait…what the heck is a Saturday Morning Session?!?!!?!

It’s a documentary family photography experience. For many years I have been snapping shots of my kids doing their daily things. Colouring, eating breakfast, helping me bake, jumping on the bed, I could go on. These are the photos that they will look back on and laugh about as they get older, say “remember when we used to make cakes together?” or “I LOVED making forts with the sheets!”. Recently I wondered how I could offer this gift to my clients. To be able to fill the pages of a family album with real life photos, more than what you can get from your cell phone or point and shoot (plus, aren’t you always behind the point and shoot? Someone is missing from the photos!).



For a Saturday Morning Session (which, by the way, does not need to be on a Saturday morning, it can be any time your family spends quality time together), you can expect me to come into your home and follow the action of family life for up to two hours. The result? Unbelievable, unforgettable memories. Photographs which you can put in an album and talk about for years to come. I will include up to 100 digital files with each session. What you do with the digital files is up to you, but please, do them justice and print them! I can, of course, offer you albums, canvases, and other extremely delicious goodies to display throughout your home. This way, you can look over them, just like Garcy and Vienna are doing here:



During our session, I encourage you to forget your work week, and play with your children. Slow down and read books together, snuggle, tickle, build forts, laugh! There will be very little direction, I may only make suggestions of activities, that’s it! Kids love this, and I have never seen so many natural, free smiles from young children in any portrait session I’ve done. In their element, with all the attention from their parent or parents, they are in their glory.



Saturday Morning Sessions will become available in January 2013, and I am taking bookings starting now! Just email me and we will discuss dates and I can provide any other information you might need.

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I find myself in South Surrey more and more lately. I’m good with it, that’s my hometown! And seeing people who went to school with myself and my sister is always fun! This family is so cute. Oh wow. I took one look at Jayden and knew he was an old soul. Dustin looks exactly like his dad, it’s unbelievable! And when Heather came down the stairs with little Wyatt, he was a snuggly little bundle of cuteness! And Heather looked amazing! No way did she give birth just days before. When I told my older sister that, she said “yeah, Heather is permanently cute”. Truth!
We had a relaxed, lifestyle inspired family session with a little focus on Wyatt in their home. Wyatt stayed WIDE awake the entire time. I decided not to push it, and to make the most of the wakeful moments! Besides, baby sneezes are cute.

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*** dollars for comments! For each comment on blog posts during the month of November I will donate $1 to Children’s Hospital! ***

The Seller family is VERY close to my heart. Kendahl is hands down one of my best friends, I feel I can rely on her for anything, and she is truly there for me through everything. I have been photographing her family since before the children! I can’t believe how fast they are growing now. Chris and Kendahl are a perfect match, and they make some gorgeous boys! Love these children!
We met up at Campbell Valley Park and trotted around taking some photos. Even with two energetic boys (Chase is really into eating rocks, and Jakob is really into wielding sticks), we got some awesome shots. I think I have figured out a surefire trick to making boys aged 2-6 stand still and smile. SHOCKING hey?! If you have a 2-6 year old boy, I’d love to test my trick out on them!
Okay my son is waking up as I type this so I have to slap the images up!
Heeeere we gooooo!!!!

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I feel like I start every blog post the same. In mentioning that, I have officially started a blog post differently. Success! Now, back to business.
This was my first time meeting Naomi, though we have many mutual friends, and she pretty much grew up with my hubby, from elementary straight through to graduation. He assured me she is “a sweetheart” and “a really nice girl”. He was definitely right. Naomi was easy to get along with and her boys are extremely adorable. Naomi asked to have our session at Redwood Park, since it is near her childhood home, and this park is like home to me as well, so I was definitely up for it. It is showcasing some gorgeous changing leaves right now, so I knew we would have some good spots. I try and change up the spots I use when I come here so that every family does have a bit of a different session, but there are definitely some “old faithful” spots that I usually hit.
So here’s our formula for this session: gorgeous mom + adorable boys + energy = fun, candid, fresh portraits!

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