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In a desperate attempt to post more things about ME and MY life, I’m going to try and do regular Instagram collages. Let’s be real here, I don’t take my big camera everywhere with me. And when I do bring it out, my 15 month old son just wants to press the buttons on the back, so it’s not usually a very successful photo opportunity. The camera on my iPhone is much handier, more accessible, and likely to be used for the daily shots. I apologize in advance for the excessive amount of photos of my children. But I think they are really cute and their daily antics make me laugh.
Here’s a snippet of the last few weeks of my life on Instagram. I’m always joking that my Instagram life is so much cooler than my real life. But the truth is, it’s my real life. My daughter dresses up in pillowcases and bathing suits. My hubby buys grapes which are excessively large. My kids use bedsheets as rides. My son empties my purse (an makes hilarious faces). And the sunsets are beautiful.

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