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Michelle and Ryley were referred to me by another photographer that unfortunately ended up being booked on their date. It’s funny how things sort of fall in your lap. Like they were destined for you. When I first met up with Ryley and Michelle, they were looking to work out some photography coverage on a tight budget. They were willing to compromise on time in order to get quality photography of the most important aspects of their day.

After chatting for .2 seconds, I knew already that we were going to make it work. Michelle came to the table with something I wanted, and needed, for my business. It’s an amazing tradeoff and all of us are going to walk away extremely pleased.

And the more time I spent with these two, the happier I was that this worked out so well. Because they are simply awesome people. Michelle and I get along like old friends. It’s just so EASY to be around both of them. THAT is what I want in a relationship with my clients. I consider myself pretty easy to get along with and work with. I’ve been told this is the case by many of my clients. I love the thought that my clients walk away from their experience with me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

When clients become friends, that’s richness in life.

I took Ryley and Michelle to “THE SPOT”. I discovered it with some other photographer friends when we were having a “just for fun” shoot last year. I keep returning! Maybe you will recognize it. At golden hour, its…golden. LOVE IT.

Feast your eyes!



















I am really behind in blogging, and I have to admit, once I get behind, it’s almost impossible to get my butt to blog again.

It’s kind of like that friend that you keep forgetting to call, or email back. And when you do remember, you almost don’t want to call or email them for reason of reminding them that you’ve neglected them for so long. It’s a build up of guilt!

I’m sorry, blog! I will love you again! I won’t ever leave! I swear!

That and, I’m working with a graphic designer on making you so much prettier, and I kind of want to wait till you are all prettied up to put fresh work out there!

But for real let’s get on task. Adam and Alex are a seriously gorgeous couple who are getting married this August. I am really excited for their wedding, and I think it was a good thing to get out and practice hamming it up for my camera. They are old pros now! By the end of our session they were workin it! I enjoyed my time with them and can’t wait to do it again!

We met up in Fort Langley and goofed around a bit there. Got yelled at by some lady who didn’t want us to use the very last two inches of her driveway to photograph on (I don’t think we were actually on her property but she assured us that she DOES mind if we take photographs there. That’s ok. Mental note not to return there). As the light dipped down we moved towards some more rural areas for grassy romantic golden light shots. We left eachother a couple hours later and starving!

Here’s what we came up with.
















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As much as we crossed our fingers, toes, and hairs for no rain, it didn’t work. Nope. It poured on Kevin and Kristena’s wedding day. South Surrey is usually a little better for weather than the rest of the Fraser Valley but it rained rained rained. Luckily, I had scoped out a wicked location in the case that we got this type of weather. I think I checked the forecast at least 100 times in the week leading up to this date.

Last wedding of 2012 for me. Bittersweet! I’m looking forward to a little break, but seriously, you get into this groove and you kind of don’t want to lose it. You stop being sick with nerves before each wedding and start getting a little more confident (especially with the awesome season I had this year!). But I have to take a little break, and enjoy my family!

So this couple, I really enjoy. We shot their engagement session in July and I learned that their company is something I just love. They are so easy to talk to, and funny! Kristena’s smile is so bright and wide, it brought sunshine to our cloudy wedding day. The wedding party were super troopers! When you have six on either side of the bride and groom, it’s imperative that everyone listen during portrait time or we spend a lot of time repeating ourselves, precious minutes, people! But they were awesome and they rocked it. The ladies in a beautiful blue, the men in grey, a little white here and there, it was perfect!

Thank you guys for following my direction so well, and for being ridiculously good looking!

The Chateau Cargill was a welcome warm and dry spot for the ceremony and reception, and they are always so awesome and easy to work with! Love you guys. The reception area was decorated so beautifully, simple and elegant, white with some blue accents. It was just gorgeous, and suited Kevin and Kristena so well!

Another huge thank you to Ashley Burnstad for being my second shooter, she toughed out a flu and still rocked my world with her shots.

Okay I better give you some photos to look at now!

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I’ve known these two for a while. Lex for a lot longer than Kris, since childhood. But Kris has livened up my life for about 10 years now. Hanging with them is ALWAYS a good time. Lex is an amazing party host, she makes amazing food, and often it is their place that I go when I get out of the house for a little party, or some fondue. We have many many memories. Kris FINALLY popped the question recently. After being together for like, 9 years or something ridiculous. I think they always knew they were getting married, it was just a matter of timing of when to have the wedding. They are PERFECT for each other. They are hilarious together. I love themmmmmmm sooooooo much!!!!!!
At their wedding next year, I will be attending as a GUEST. I can’t tell you how excited I am to truly relax at a wedding with my hubby on my arm. So excited to see these beautiful people get married. Lex was smart and made my sister her maid of honor. My sister has experience in floral, decor, and planning as well as coordinating weddings. I hope both her and I can take our work hats off and enjoy the wedding day when it comes. It’s going to be a good one!
So we met up recently to have an engagement session, and we fulfilled a few visions they had, and added a few more (haha, the jumping shot). I loved photographing them, it was relaxing and entertaining. Lex dabbles with photography herself, and we had lots of conversations about gear, what is on our Christmas lists, etc. Kris was bored and told us about what kind of trees we were posing under (he’s a horticulturist). I already forgot. Sorry Kris. Okay wait one was a Hemlock, but the one I blogged here, I forget. Something that starts with an S. Fail.
Okay well I’m babbling here. They stood, sat and walked. I snapped. They made out a bit. I snapped some more. The end.
Oh and ps….their children are going to have the most beautiful eyes EVER.

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On August 16th I once again found myself at Swan-E-Set for another gorgeous wedding. I just love this venue, but I’ve said that many times before. Albert and Alex’s wedding was one I had been looking forward to all summer, or longer, because I knew that Alex had spent countless hours on the details of this wedding. She managed to put together a beautiful vintage-inspired elegant wedding with a country twist. A little bit of lace, a little bit of burlap, soft pink, bowties, and a 1950’s pick-up were all elements that really tied the theme together to create a one of a kind beautiful event. Not to mention a gorgeous wedding party! Wow, these guys were all so fun to work with. We had a lot of fun, lots of time for photos, beautiful weather, and a great location. Can’t get any better than that!
Albert and Alex are totally adorable (or as I say in real life: totes adorbs) together. They are young and in love. Albert is a dairy farmer in Chilliwack, and Alex is his perfect match. She really fits in wherever she goes! They met through mutual friends one night at a party “down at the river”. Alex assures me she hesitated in attending this party because she was “a pretty good girl and had studying to do that night”, but I don’t think she regrets going now! Albert totally swept her off her feet, soon they were in love. She got right into the full coveralls to learn about the farming life. In short…she thinks his tractor’s sexy.
Special thanks to my second shooter Michelle Dixon who provided many of these awesome shots.

Update: This wedding has been featured on Heirloom Online Magazine’s Wedding Wednesdays! Click the badge to head over to the post!

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