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My Fall 2013 on location portrait sessions are on sale! There’s not a lot of time left to capture the beautiful leaves, so I suggest booking in as soon as you can, and you will receive $100 off a package of a full session and high resolution images with printing rights!

Call or email me to set aside a time and day!


In a desperate attempt to post more things about ME and MY life, I’m going to try and do regular Instagram collages. Let’s be real here, I don’t take my big camera everywhere with me. And when I do bring it out, my 15 month old son just wants to press the buttons on the back, so it’s not usually a very successful photo opportunity. The camera on my iPhone is much handier, more accessible, and likely to be used for the daily shots. I apologize in advance for the excessive amount of photos of my children. But I think they are really cute and their daily antics make me laugh.
Here’s a snippet of the last few weeks of my life on Instagram. I’m always joking that my Instagram life is so much cooler than my real life. But the truth is, it’s my real life. My daughter dresses up in pillowcases and bathing suits. My hubby buys grapes which are excessively large. My kids use bedsheets as rides. My son empties my purse (an makes hilarious faces). And the sunsets are beautiful.

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Sometimes, I meet up with clients for the first time, not having ever met them before, and it seems like they were just made for me to photograph. We get along so easily, it’s like we have known each other forever. I don’t know how I manage to attract all these amazing people. The Dunlop family came to me as they bid on a session with me at one of the fundraising auctions that I have donated to this summer (this one to help raise funds for an extremely courageous little boy and his family). So, we were literally put together by chance, and it couldn’t have been more awesome. We had a wicked fun family session at Campbell Valley Park! Their little girls were so awesome, and so beautiful. I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the session!

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I’ve had tons of inquiries about mini sessions this fall. I have decided to make November mini session month! That means you can book mini sessions all month long in November! No specific dates or times, just email me and we can work it out! Of course, there will be limited availability on the weekends since those are the most in demand. I will be collecting a $50 non refundable retainer in order to reserve your date and time.
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I have known Lianne and her beautiful family for a couple of years, our first session was with Justin as a newborn. Since then I have done family photos, I was at their intimate marriage in their home, and even some commercial images for Lianne. They then moved to Vancouver Island and came to the mainland for a session with me when Selina was born. She is so cute, and little Justin is getting so big and full of personality (and words!), Selina seems to fit into their family and to happily be a little sister to her two big brothers. Here are some images from our little visit.















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