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I am really behind in blogging, and I have to admit, once I get behind, it’s almost impossible to get my butt to blog again.

It’s kind of like that friend that you keep forgetting to call, or email back. And when you do remember, you almost don’t want to call or email them for reason of reminding them that you’ve neglected them for so long. It’s a build up of guilt!

I’m sorry, blog! I will love you again! I won’t ever leave! I swear!

That and, I’m working with a graphic designer on making you so much prettier, and I kind of want to wait till you are all prettied up to put fresh work out there!

But for real let’s get on task. Adam and Alex are a seriously gorgeous couple who are getting married this August. I am really excited for their wedding, and I think it was a good thing to get out and practice hamming it up for my camera. They are old pros now! By the end of our session they were workin it! I enjoyed my time with them and can’t wait to do it again!

We met up in Fort Langley and goofed around a bit there. Got yelled at by some lady who didn’t want us to use the very last two inches of her driveway to photograph on (I don’t think we were actually on her property but she assured us that she DOES mind if we take photographs there. That’s ok. Mental note not to return there). As the light dipped down we moved towards some more rural areas for grassy romantic golden light shots. We left eachother a couple hours later and starving!

Here’s what we came up with.
















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This beautiful family of three is soon to be four! Another little girl is on the way, and if she’s anything like her big sister, she’s going to be a fireball of cuteness! I met with the Matheos family (once again, as I did a mini session with them in November) to get some shots of them as a family along with Erica’s adorable belly. We met in Fort Langley and it wasn’t raining, but it was certainly cold! Layne didn’t seem bothered by the cold at all, she was a real sport. She is a mover though! It’s no wonder that Erica has been a bit exhausted this pregnancy!
I can’t wait to hear of the news of the new little one’s birth! She should arrive in about a month, doesn’t Erica look incredible?!

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Sean and Candice are getting married this September, I am so excited for their wedding. These two are my perfect fit for clients. They are laid back, a little goofy, really adorable, and exceptionally awesome. Along with their pup Turk, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We had fun in Fort Langley taking some shots for their engagement. Candice claimed that both her and Sean had “Chandler Bing Syndrome” and would no doubt be awkward in front of the camera. Within 2 minutes of the beginning of our shoot, I knew this was exactly opposite the case. I love how the clients who always think they don’t know what to do, end up doing it all naturally! I LOVE their natural body language, their smiles and laughs, they are just tooooooooo cute.
Thanks for picking me, you guys!

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here’s an image … just to keep my blog going.

I met up with Shaylee on a cloudy Saturday afternoon in Fort Langley. She is a very beautiful and accomplished dancer, and needed some new headshots! We had fun wandering, chatting, playing around and standing the middle of the road. I’m kind of surprised we didn’t stop any traffic, but since the closure of the Albion Ferry, the bridge at the end of Glover Road in Fort Langley doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun, Shea showed me some dance moves and some really cute outfits. She sure knows how to work the camera. She made my job super easy!


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