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Michelle and Ryley were referred to me by another photographer that unfortunately ended up being booked on their date. It’s funny how things sort of fall in your lap. Like they were destined for you. When I first met up with Ryley and Michelle, they were looking to work out some photography coverage on a tight budget. They were willing to compromise on time in order to get quality photography of the most important aspects of their day.

After chatting for .2 seconds, I knew already that we were going to make it work. Michelle came to the table with something I wanted, and needed, for my business. It’s an amazing tradeoff and all of us are going to walk away extremely pleased.

And the more time I spent with these two, the happier I was that this worked out so well. Because they are simply awesome people. Michelle and I get along like old friends. It’s just so EASY to be around both of them. THAT is what I want in a relationship with my clients. I consider myself pretty easy to get along with and work with. I’ve been told this is the case by many of my clients. I love the thought that my clients walk away from their experience with me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

When clients become friends, that’s richness in life.

I took Ryley and Michelle to “THE SPOT”. I discovered it with some other photographer friends when we were having a “just for fun” shoot last year. I keep returning! Maybe you will recognize it. At golden hour, its…golden. LOVE IT.

Feast your eyes!



















Ok I am just loving all the wonderful engagements I have been getting to shoot lately. It’s so awesome to see people in love! These two are getting married next year in Maui, SO JEALOUS. I was trying to figure out how I would fit into Cristina’s suitcase to be there as well, but I’m not sure I will. So I will have to be there in spirit I guess. (runs away crying).
Cristina went to design school with my younger sister, and she emailed me quite a few months ago asking about scheduling a shoot with me. I was excited when we set a date for our shoot and she told me that they would be bringing along their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Storm to their shoot. Love those dogs. Storm was so well behaved! Cristina is drop dead gorgeous, and she’s nothing short of model material. She was easy to shoot, and her fiance Samy was just as easy. He went with the flow and he compliments Cristina so well!
Samy and Cristina were kind enough to come out my way from Burnaby, because I was dying to use my favorite empty lot again, at golden hour once again. Light makes a shoot, and that’s why I’m always happy to be able to work at this time of day.

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Matt and Chelsea are good friends with past clients of mine Brandon and Melissa who got married last July at the Four Seasons Hotel. Which means that Chelsea and Matt watched me waddle around working a 10 hour wedding while 36 weeks pregnant. I think this time when we met up for their engagement session, I was significantly smaller. Thank goodness. Anyway, back to where I was going with this. Chelsea emailed me and begged me to squeeze her and Matt in for an engagement session before they headed back to the Czech Republic where they live for most of the year, because Matt plays hockey there. We managed, and I am so glad we did. These two are not only extremely attractive, but they are super awesome. They brought their adorable little pups with them, and we frolicked in an abandoned lot and got some awesome shots. I really enjoyed my time with them. Matt reminds me a lot of Brandon, he was easy to get along with, talkative, and fun. Chelsea was a bubbly, sweet, chatty ball of goodness. I want to keep her. I can see why Matt is keeping her.
Sooo, here are some of the photos! I totally have revisited this gorgeous lot since doing these photos. New obsession. Soon to be developed I think, so I better get all I can out of it before they tear down these lovely trees!

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These two are tying the knot this October. I first met up with them a few months ago and we really clicked. I am so stoked that they chose me to capture their day! Their wedding coverage included a complimentary engagement session so we met up at Crescent Beach to take some shots. I really enjoy their company, and can’t wait for their wedding day!
Here are some of the best shots of many that were taken! I love this time of day to shoot, it’s GOLDEN!

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Kaelin and Erick are my October clients, and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at Minoru Chapel and Mayfair Lakes. They are such an awesome couple! So obviously in love and clearly happy to be with each other. They are so cute! I love the way that Erick looks at Kaelin, he just absolutely adores her. I can’t wait to see all of the details of their wedding come together, because Kaelin obviously has amazing taste, and is going to put together a beautiful day! I will also get to see Photobooth Vancouver again, as they will be at the reception providing some fun entertainment for all the guests!

I met up with Kaelin and Erick on White Rock Beach on a Friday evening. Yeah, it was pretty crowded but we were up for it! The light was getting golden, my favorite time to shoot. We even ran into some other fellow engagement session-ers (new word!), and we managed to all share the small amount of space under the pier for a few minutes pretty easily. These two were easy to work with, their chemistry is obvious, and they just asked that I ease them into spots and I let them take it from there, their body language said it all. Their wedding day is going to be a breeze!

Here are some shots from our session, it was hard to narrow it down, they are so photogenic!

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