As much as we crossed our fingers, toes, and hairs for no rain, it didn’t work. Nope. It poured on Kevin and Kristena’s wedding day. South Surrey is usually a little better for weather than the rest of the Fraser Valley but it rained rained rained. Luckily, I had scoped out a wicked location in the case that we got this type of weather. I think I checked the forecast at least 100 times in the week leading up to this date.

Last wedding of 2012 for me. Bittersweet! I’m looking forward to a little break, but seriously, you get into this groove and you kind of don’t want to lose it. You stop being sick with nerves before each wedding and start getting a little more confident (especially with the awesome season I had this year!). But I have to take a little break, and enjoy my family!

So this couple, I really enjoy. We shot their engagement session in July and I learned that their company is something I just love. They are so easy to talk to, and funny! Kristena’s smile is so bright and wide, it brought sunshine to our cloudy wedding day. The wedding party were super troopers! When you have six on either side of the bride and groom, it’s imperative that everyone listen during portrait time or we spend a lot of time repeating ourselves, precious minutes, people! But they were awesome and they rocked it. The ladies in a beautiful blue, the men in grey, a little white here and there, it was perfect!

Thank you guys for following my direction so well, and for being ridiculously good looking!

The Chateau Cargill was a welcome warm and dry spot for the ceremony and reception, and they are always so awesome and easy to work with! Love you guys. The reception area was decorated so beautifully, simple and elegant, white with some blue accents. It was just gorgeous, and suited Kevin and Kristena so well!

Another huge thank you to Ashley Burnstad for being my second shooter, she toughed out a flu and still rocked my world with her shots.

Okay I better give you some photos to look at now!

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