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The Seller family is VERY close to my heart. Kendahl is hands down one of my best friends, I feel I can rely on her for anything, and she is truly there for me through everything. I have been photographing her family since before the children! I can’t believe how fast they are growing now. Chris and Kendahl are a perfect match, and they make some gorgeous boys! Love these children!
We met up at Campbell Valley Park and trotted around taking some photos. Even with two energetic boys (Chase is really into eating rocks, and Jakob is really into wielding sticks), we got some awesome shots. I think I have figured out a surefire trick to making boys aged 2-6 stand still and smile. SHOCKING hey?! If you have a 2-6 year old boy, I’d love to test my trick out on them!
Okay my son is waking up as I type this so I have to slap the images up!
Heeeere we gooooo!!!!

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