I’ve known these two for a while. Lex for a lot longer than Kris, since childhood. But Kris has livened up my life for about 10 years now. Hanging with them is ALWAYS a good time. Lex is an amazing party host, she makes amazing food, and often it is their place that I go when I get out of the house for a little party, or some fondue. We have many many memories. Kris FINALLY popped the question recently. After being together for like, 9 years or something ridiculous. I think they always knew they were getting married, it was just a matter of timing of when to have the wedding. They are PERFECT for each other. They are hilarious together. I love themmmmmmm sooooooo much!!!!!!
At their wedding next year, I will be attending as a GUEST. I can’t tell you how excited I am to truly relax at a wedding with my hubby on my arm. So excited to see these beautiful people get married. Lex was smart and made my sister her maid of honor. My sister has experience in floral, decor, and planning as well as coordinating weddings. I hope both her and I can take our work hats off and enjoy the wedding day when it comes. It’s going to be a good one!
So we met up recently to have an engagement session, and we fulfilled a few visions they had, and added a few more (haha, the jumping shot). I loved photographing them, it was relaxing and entertaining. Lex dabbles with photography herself, and we had lots of conversations about gear, what is on our Christmas lists, etc. Kris was bored and told us about what kind of trees we were posing under (he’s a horticulturist). I already forgot. Sorry Kris. Okay wait one was a Hemlock, but the one I blogged here, I forget. Something that starts with an S. Fail.
Okay well I’m babbling here. They stood, sat and walked. I snapped. They made out a bit. I snapped some more. The end.
Oh and ps….their children are going to have the most beautiful eyes EVER.

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