I feel like I start every blog post the same. In mentioning that, I have officially started a blog post differently. Success! Now, back to business.
This was my first time meeting Naomi, though we have many mutual friends, and she pretty much grew up with my hubby, from elementary straight through to graduation. He assured me she is “a sweetheart” and “a really nice girl”. He was definitely right. Naomi was easy to get along with and her boys are extremely adorable. Naomi asked to have our session at Redwood Park, since it is near her childhood home, and this park is like home to me as well, so I was definitely up for it. It is showcasing some gorgeous changing leaves right now, so I knew we would have some good spots. I try and change up the spots I use when I come here so that every family does have a bit of a different session, but there are definitely some “old faithful” spots that I usually hit.
So here’s our formula for this session: gorgeous mom + adorable boys + energy = fun, candid, fresh portraits!

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