What gorgeous weather we were blessed with in the first half of October. I’m worried it has passed now, but at least we got some really amazing sessions done while we had it. One of the sessions being this beautiful family. I love that Erica really values my work, and continues to return to me to show that. She really VALUES photography, and having beautiful images on her walls of her family and kids. She recognizes that these are times you can not live over again, and to relish in them and cherish the moments when her girls are little. Craig is happy to play along I think!
Craig is bracing himself for when his gorgeous girls grow older…these girls have the most beautiful eyes. And Layne sure does have a mind of her own. Unless you bribe her with apples, of course. Green ones. Blake is “sober” as Erica describes her. She told me it would be difficult to get a smile out of her. I think Blake proved her wrong. Although she was quite serious at times, a little peekaboo definitely worked out some smiles.
I have to laugh at how we must all look to the people passing us by as well try to coax a 2 year old to sit still and not look afraid of her sister, and to get her sister to smile.
We met up to accomplish Blake’s 6 month photos, but we also tried to get a few of the family and of big sister too.
We had our session in Blackie Spit Park. It was a beautiful hour, and I love this place because it’s accessible but rugged looking. Some of these shots are pure magic!

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