Tara pursued Josh…she knew it was meant to be. Usually, it’s the other way around. But Tara is a different kind of girl. Ambitious. Driven. Motivated. Intelligent. Accomplished (already). Well, Josh is much the same. She knew they were meant to be! They met on rounds at Children’s Hospital. Tara was in the midst of her Degree in Internal Medicine at UBC. Josh was attending the same University for Pharmacy.
I first met Tara in the early 90’s. She was a classmate of my little sister’s. They spent a lot of time together before Tara moved away before high school. She was so sweet, and I remember thinking oh she’s going to be a beauty when she grows up. (not that I was much older). I was right, and she chose another beautiful creature to marry. When Tara emailed me (out of the blue) and asked me to photograph her wedding in the following year, I was flattered and excited. I couldn’t wait to see her again!
They chose September 29th as their wedding date. We were blessed with amazing weather. It was warm and the fall colours were beginning to show. Normally in Vancouver you brace for rain any time after September 5th. But we have been slammed with a bit of an extended summer weather, and we have experienced nothing but sunshine until 3 days before I write this post. We even had a few clouds, which gave me some awesome opportunity to use the open areas of our first location.
We met at David Lam Park. Everyone was all ready, and I set Josh up in a shady treed area and had Tara sent down to see him for the first time. What a beautiful meeting they had. Tara is so cute, she literally jumps for joy when she is excited (you can see her doing this just after their first kiss at the ceremony). They had a few quiet moments together (well, with me stalking them in the bushes), and we moved on to some portraits. After that, we moved to the Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion, where we had their ceremony and reception. At the reception, they had these little “interview” pages for their guests to complete, asking how they met the couple, and to draw a photo of them. Everyone drew Josh with huge muscles. I think he’s a workout buff ;). Also, I laughed SO HARD at their “musical chairs scavenger hunt” that they had their guests perform in order to determine the table order for getting their dinners. I included some photos of this at the end of the post, and I’m sure some you will be laughing at the expressions on the guests faces as they set out on their race to find the determined article and rush back to their chair, hoping not to be the last one back with no chair to sit on.
I’ll be suggesting this game to everyone. It was hilarious.
I chose a lot of photos for this wedding. I don’t know, they are just so cute together, I couldn’t help myself. So enjoy, and leave them some well wishes in the comments section at the end.

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