So after I was finished with the Jahner family (posted below), I had another task! Concentrate on the Leonard trio. TRIO! New parents have that glassy look of bliss and lack of sleep in their eyes. Except that Ava is an angel and often gives her mommy up to 9 consecutive hours of sleep a night. Kind of unfair, to me at least, considering I don’t even get that out of my 14 month old! So their glassy look is pure bliss.
Jen and Joel got married in September of 2010, at Redwoods Golf Course, and it was one of my favorite weddings to date! It was beautiful, emotional, funny, and entertaining! They were ridiculously good looking all dressed up. And now, 9 weeks after giving birth, Jen looks as good as she did on her wedding day. ALSO UNFAIR. But we love her anyway! Joel, of course you still look just as good too!
Okay, the way Joel looks at his little girl is heart melting. Jen seems to have taken to this naturally, despite the somewhat rough road bringing Ava into this world (women are warriors!).
I’m excited to share these images with you all!

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