I love this family THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much!!! I want to hang out with them all the time! They are so fun, so laid back, so easy to get along with. The kids are all AWESOME! Boys are generally difficult to photograph. When they are younger than 6, they are just too busy. When they are older than 6, they are just not interested. But these boys, wow, they are so fun, well behaved, attentive, smiley, just awesome. The hubbies aren’t bad either! Steve and I were able to talk cameras and lighting. Sean was awesome for getting the kids to smile, he is just full of energy. And the three sisters remind me of my sisters and me. We had a lot of fun getting these shots on Crescent Beach, at Blackie Spit Park, right near Courtney’s house. I’m glad we chose that location, and we caught some great light in the evening.
The rest of the session is ready to go guys!

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