Ok I am just loving all the wonderful engagements I have been getting to shoot lately. It’s so awesome to see people in love! These two are getting married next year in Maui, SO JEALOUS. I was trying to figure out how I would fit into Cristina’s suitcase to be there as well, but I’m not sure I will. So I will have to be there in spirit I guess. (runs away crying).
Cristina went to design school with my younger sister, and she emailed me quite a few months ago asking about scheduling a shoot with me. I was excited when we set a date for our shoot and she told me that they would be bringing along their Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Storm to their shoot. Love those dogs. Storm was so well behaved! Cristina is drop dead gorgeous, and she’s nothing short of model material. She was easy to shoot, and her fiance Samy was just as easy. He went with the flow and he compliments Cristina so well!
Samy and Cristina were kind enough to come out my way from Burnaby, because I was dying to use my favorite empty lot again, at golden hour once again. Light makes a shoot, and that’s why I’m always happy to be able to work at this time of day.

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