Wow, I love shooting at the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier (click the link and see some of my images from a past wedding on their site!). It’s such an awesome venue, so bright with natural light, and the food is AMAZING! Plus, the Lonsdale area is so beautiful! It was SUPER BUSY on Matthew and Andrea’s day though, but we managed to sneak around no problem! Oh, and it was HOT HOT HOT that day.
July 14th 2012, the day they tied the knot. Matthew and Andrea live in Washington, so our booking was done over the phone. I met them face to face for the first time just 5 days before! But, I knew that we got along great already between all our exchanges via email and phone call. The day of the wedding Andrea was cool and relaxed. Well, she was cool until we had to do portraits outside. Then, I think we all melted a little. Or a lot. But we survived!
The reception was beautiful, relaxed, the kids all loved dancing, the food was yummy in our tummies, it was a good day. So here are my favorite images that I think show the story of our day!

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