I have changed my pricing to encourage my clients to purchase prints and products along with their sessions. I still offer the disc and digital images, however I am hoping more clients will also be interested in purchasing product like albums, canvases, and prints. I have done this because I am afraid that my clients’ images are being left on disc for months on end, maybe uploaded to facebook, but soon to be put on the back burner and then, if anything, printed at very non-professional labs.

When your children and grandchildren want to show their kids photos from their childhood, and what their grandparents looked like so many years ago, will they be able to? Or will they only have a disc that will likely be unviewable in 10, 20 or 30 years? What if your grandparents’ wedding photos were only on a large floppy disk, and you held that in your hands, knowing that your very history was on that disk, but you were completely unable to view it? Don’t you truly enjoy flipping through the photo albums from your childhood, pointing and laughing, talking about the wallpaper behind you, the dress you wore, or that time at the lake?

Why are you investing in a professional photographer to take your professional portraits, and then taking them to a lab who is anything but professional? If I don’t trust the lab with the images that I take, then why should you? I must say that it is obvious to me when I look at prints from my carefully chosen lab compared to the inexpensive convenient labs, there is a huge difference, in print quality, in paper quality, in colour and tone. Many convenient cheap labs make changes to the image without you even knowing. That means that the image you see in your proofs, or on your disc will not look the same on the print you order.

So, I have change my pricing. You are still welcome to purchase a disc of images from your shoot, I understand the desire for this, and to not have to choose between all the images to order just a few prints. But why not get some of the images, your absolute favorite images, printed with me? This way you will know that you have quality images to display on your walls, as a canvas, or on your coffee table as an album. These materials will last generations, and be passed down with care, love, and affection. These will be the images on the walls of your grandchildens’ homes, on the bookshelves for your kids to show their own grandchildren.

Don’t let your kids grow up to be jpegs!

For more information on my new portrait pricing, please contact me at larissa@luxephotography.ca and I would be happy to send you a detailed price sheet.