Ashley and Jeff came to me as a last minute rush! They were planning their wedding in just a couple months. Luckily, I was available to photograph their wedding. I was really excited, as this was my first November wedding! Forecast looked a bit scary for November 11, but we really lucked out, with just a bit of a cold temperature and some wind. I like wind anyway!

I wont get too long winded except to say that these two are a beautiful couple, and being together for 10 years, it was definitely time to tie the knot! They did so at Milner Chapel in Langley, and their beautiful reception was held at Morgan Creek Golf Club, which is where we did our photos.

I’m super pressed for time these days and blogging is actually last on my list of things to do. I love showing the images off to everyone but I have a HUGE to do list right now and I have been getting images straight to my clients right away so I can have that off my plate. SO, what I am getting at is that my wedding blogs are now going to be cut down a bit and feature 30-40 images rather than 60-80…you’ll just have to enjoy the very best of the best.

Oh yeah, I also want to give a huge shoutout to the ladies at Salon Cordeiro in White Rock. They did the AMAZING hair of these ladies, and apparently they like me there (squee!). I will have to pop in sometime soon to say hi!

































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