I have recently been pretty busy, and unable to blog. This is the reason why. My second child, a son, was born on August 3, 2011 via scheduled c-section. My daughter’s birth just over 5 years ago was long and difficult and ended in emergency c-section, so this time we scheduled one to make it a bit easier on us all. He was born at a healthy 8lbs 2oz and we have been spending the last few weeks adjusting to his arrival. My daughter Jayla is overjoyed and madly in love with her little brother. She is adjusting to her new role as big sister amazingly, I am so proud of her. I am still recovering although everything is going perfectly, and I will be ready to start shooting again in a couple weeks.

Here are a few photos I have taken of our son, Nash Kristopher.

Nash and Jayla on his first day home, at 2 days old:

Nash at 4 days:

Jayla and Nash at 4 days old:

Here Nash is 9 days old. No I didn’t command him to smile, it was one of those practice smiles in his sleep that I just happened to catch!

at 2.5 weeks:

Eating sister’s face, at 3.5 weeks:

at 1 month, playing:

at 1 month:

That leaves us where we are! Nash is now 1 month old, and still not sleeping very well at night, haha! He is trying to test how well I can function on as little sleep as possible. I have to say though it’s way easier the second time around!

I’m looking forward to shooting again, and getting back to work, though I have done my fair share of work, from the moment he was born I was returning emails, scheduling meetings, etc. A mommy never stops, especially a mommy that is a business owner!

Thanks for having a look at my photos of my new pride and joy!