Boys will be boys! The best way to get shots of these two was to give them specific tasks which distracted from the whole photo taking process. Like: “go throw rocks in the pond!”; or “sit down here while I go get your licorice”; or even “jump on this line I drew in the gravel! ready? go!”. (I have no idea if my grammar was correct in the last sentence, so feel free to correct me).

Lori contacted me last month, hoping to book a session with her boys while she was on the mainland for her annual visit. Lori is one of my best friends’ cousin, and I met her and the boys last July when I joined their entire family for a getaway in Kelowna. The boys are so much bigger this year, and so cute. I love how Blake is so dark haired and Reece is so much more fair. I really love Reece’s hair, it’s stick straight and lays perfectly on his head. He really wasn’t in the mood for photos, but he warmed up to my presence after a little bit. Sometimes, kids are just like that. Lots of licorice bribes definitely helped.

We met at Campbell Valley Park, I just love shooting here. I think I say that about every location I choose. The boys made me work for it, and I think mom will be surprised at what I can come away with when they won’t stay still, and seem so out of the process. Lori was super easy to work with though. Moms of boys tend to be more laid back, and prepared to take things as they come. One thing is for sure, she had some cute outfits to put the boys in! She was confident I got some shots, which I did, and here are my favorites.















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