Heather contacted me to do Lyla’s 1 year photoshoot, and it did end up being more of a sibling/children’s shoot with big sister Roya getting in on some of the photos as well. That’s ok, that’s what I expected to happen. Mommy even got a few shots too, but daddy wasn’t able to make it out.

I have known Heather since I was born I think. Well, she was my older sister’s childhood best friend. I have some pretty awesome pictures of her floating around in my old school family albums. In fact I plan on going back into those albums and checking out which one looks more like her, 3 year old Roya or 1 year old Lyla.

We met up at one of my favorite parks, Redwood Park in South Surrey. This gorgeous park has received a lot of attention lately it seems. A few years ago when I lived just 1 block from the park, it was cared for by a caretaker and it was left to be pretty wild. It had an old playground that was reminiscent of the playgrounds of my childhood, made with huge round wooden pieces, and held together with giant bolts. Recently the park was taken over by the City of Surrey, and they have been manicuring the grounds ever since, and installed a brand new playground.

But, I digress. We met up and it had been a gorgeous day in South Surrey (but a disgusting day out in Langley). We played around for about an hour and got some really awesome shots! These girls are so incredibly cute, and they were so well behaved.


















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