Kaelin and Erick are my October clients, and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at Minoru Chapel and Mayfair Lakes. They are such an awesome couple! So obviously in love and clearly happy to be with each other. They are so cute! I love the way that Erick looks at Kaelin, he just absolutely adores her. I can’t wait to see all of the details of their wedding come together, because Kaelin obviously has amazing taste, and is going to put together a beautiful day! I will also get to see Photobooth Vancouver again, as they will be at the reception providing some fun entertainment for all the guests!

I met up with Kaelin and Erick on White Rock Beach on a Friday evening. Yeah, it was pretty crowded but we were up for it! The light was getting golden, my favorite time to shoot. We even ran into some other fellow engagement session-ers (new word!), and we managed to all share the small amount of space under the pier for a few minutes pretty easily. These two were easy to work with, their chemistry is obvious, and they just asked that I ease them into spots and I let them take it from there, their body language said it all. Their wedding day is going to be a breeze!

Here are some shots from our session, it was hard to narrow it down, they are so photogenic!

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