I’ll admit it. I’m mildly obsessed with the images from this engagement session. Maybe it’s because it was so much fun hanging out with Melissa and Brandon, or maybe because they are both so gorgeous. If these images aren’t quite enough for you either, then you can check these two out on the web. Melissa is a rising country star, extremely talented. Here‘s her page on 604 Records. Don’t forget to watch her video of Passenger Window, a song you may have heard on your local country station. And check out Brandon as well here, he plays for the Dallas Stars.

Oh, and I also fell in love love LOVE with their English Bulldog, Frank. I was blown away by Frank’s natural modeling skills. He was the best behaved dog I’ve ever photographed!

I can’t wait to photograph their amazing wedding soon. It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous, orchestrated by Candeo Weddings and held at the Four Seasons Hotel. Melissa is going to make THE most amazing bride. She’s gonna be so beautiful and Brandon will be so handsome. I think Melissa’s waist is the same size as one of his arms. A sure recipe for a hot couple!

So, here are the images! Enjoy the eye candy!

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