I met up with the Stack family at their Burnaby home on a Saturday, and it was such a rainy morning, I figured we would be confined to indoors the entire time. I set up my backdrop in front of their biggest window and started with some shots of little Noah, who is 4.5 months old. He was a really happy guy, and mom and dad assured me that he was pretty easy going but liable to spit up at any moment. Well Noah wanted to prove them wrong I guess, because I saw no spit up the entire time I was there. About half way through our session, right when I was getting finished up with individual shots of Noah, we noticed the rain had stopped. We ran outside for our family shots, because they live right near some really gorgeous spots! I love getting outside during breaks in the rain, it makes the colours so vibrant and it always smells so fresh! Thanks for having me over Stack family! Enjoy your preview!

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