When Nicole contacted me to have a family/maternity shoot done, I was once again so excited to see a friend that I went to school with but haven’t seen since graduating! It has been over 10 years people! That’s a long time, but not so long that we don’t remember everyone. Nicole had a baby girl a couple years before I did, and named her Jayda. Her and Dan got married last summer, and are now expecting their second child, a boy, in August, not long after mine is due! They are so excited to meet this little man, and Jayda is so excited to be a big sister.

We met up on a Friday evening and the day had been absolutely gorgeous, giving us some good evening light to work with. Jayda was rambunctious and cute, as she should have been. She was perfectly behaved and just the right amount of spunk! I had all these great poses worked out in my mind before meeting up with Dan, Nicole and Jayda, but of course half those went out the window when I met Dan and he was like 8 feet tall. Okay, more like just over 6 foot 6. But, he was so tall that a lot of my poses were impossible! That’s usually how it happens I guess, and it shows me that you just can’t plan out every step of a shoot, and improvisation and creativity on the spot are so important!

Okay now on to the photos. I loved so many, so sorry for the long post!!!!

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