So, while I was developing my packaging for my discs and other products, I learned about this awesome little shop. I had been trying so hard to come up with something that worked, making endless expensive trips to Michaels and it just wasn’t cutting it. I couldn’t pull anything together that made me happy. After hearing about Essential Packaging, I decided to give it a go. I walked into this place and was in awe. I have always had a love for paper, ribbon, cellophane, and other fun little things. I couldn’t believe my eyes the heaven that was before me, and I immediately got to work finding a new way of packaging my product. While going through the store I found a plethora of amazing things. I got the overwhelming urge to plan my wedding, and put together invitations, and favor boxes, and custom printed ribbon. I suddenly couldn’t wait to buy a gift for a baby shower, or a stagette. I was overwhelmingly eager to blow someone away with the simple way their gift was presented!

So this is why I think this store is for all my clients as well as me. This place has something for anyone! And my clients who are planning their weddings and want to do things on a budget, or just do things exactly how they envision it, this place is going to blow you away!

The staff is helpful and extremely friendly, and the location is great too. Located on 176th street just north of 64th Avenue, their central location makes it super easy to get to. So even if you don’t currently have anything to package or create, head down there because as soon as you walk in the door, that need will suddenly arise, I promise you!

Visit their website here or like them on facebook here!

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