After much postponing and rescheduling, I finally got to meet Jodie and her beautiful family on a gorgeous sunny Sunday at the Historic Stewart Farm. I had already had a few long telephone conversations with Jodie so I felt like I knew her quite well! I was pleasantly greeted by her beautiful girls Georgia and Sadie and her awesomely enthusiastic husband. I was so glad that we had rescheduled because of the previous weekend’s rain, since this day was so incredibly gorgeous. I swear the Montgomery family made it way too easy to do my job. I think they must have a lot of practice at this, because they all looked gorgeous in every shot I took. Jodie’s bright red lipstick was so awesome, it complimented her complexion perfectly. That is something I definitely can’t pull off, so I’m glad Jodie is embracing it! Georgia was a little smiley sweetheart and I love how when I asked her what her little sister’s name was she replied with “Sades!”. I think I know Sadie’s nickname around home, haha!

Like I said, I am kind of in love with too many images from this session, but I managed to whittle it down to the very best for the blog post. Here they are!

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