Recently I was given a great honor when I was requested to join the Tiny Light Foundation team of photographers. The Tiny Light Foundation is an amazing organization that matches up volunteer photographers with families that have children who face life-altering diagnoses, who might otherwise never get the chance to enjoy the true gift of photography.

I was immediately put in touch with Shelly and her two boys Noah, 4 and Liam, 2. I was moved and inspired by their love and perseverance through Noah’s diagnoses of Autism and later Leukemia. Noah, at such a young age, has experienced more hospital stays than anyone should have to in a lifetime. Shelly explained to me that last year was a really tough year for Noah, and this year, despite continuing his Chemotherapy treatments, Noah is much healthier and happier. He has a beautiful head of hair, and runs and plays. You would never know the hardships that this precious boy has gone through by looking at him. After recently spending nearly a week with my daughter (who is 5) in hospital, I could only begin to imagine the difficulties that Shelly has gone through seeing her little boy so sick. It is truly an amazing feat as a parent, but I understand that you simply stand by your child and never leave, as this is often all you can do.

I met up with these three beauties in South Surrey and enjoyed a getting to know them throughout shooting their session. After meeting Shelly, Noah, and Liam, one quote pops into mind. Never has it rang so true. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle” – Plato.

For more information on The Tiny Light Foundation, or to see if you or someone you know qualifies to receive a free session with a local photographer, go to their website

Watch as I continue to work with this amazing organization to bring the gift of memories.

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