I was SO EXCITED to meet these two. I went to school with their mommy and haven’t had a chance to meet up with her since we rekindled our friendship on facebook. Gotta love facebook. Ava is 6 now, just a few months older than my daughter, both born in 2005 and kindergarteners. She reminds me a lot of my daughter except that Ava clearly didn’t mind getting dirty. Christian surprised me. For a 3 year-old boy he did an amazing job at listening, for most of the shoot. He also kept pulling out these hilarious poses that made us all giggle. What a perfect pair they are too, Ava being blonde and blue-eyed, and Christian being brown-haired and brown-eyed.

While going through these images, I felt like I was looking at Alexis when we were kids again. Ava is her clone! Christian definitely leans towards the Nick side, but they sure do look alike still.














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