Well, one of my favorite clients was so thrilled to find she was pregnant with her second child. Her little girl Kalina is such a doll, she couldn’t wait to give Kalina a sibling. Everything in the pregnancy was going well, and at about 19 weeks she had her routine ultrasound. SURPRISE!!!! There’s TWO babies in there. Amy and John were shocked, a little nervous, and very excited. They soon found out they were having two girls! This would make John very outnumbered in the house, but they couldn’t wait to meet their baby girls.

In November the Wasney’s had a family shoot with me, and Amy’s belly was rapidly growing. I couldn’t wait to hear of the twin’s arrival, and on February 26 I saw on Amy’s facebook page that they had arrived. All was well with the two angels, and Kalina was THRILLED to be a big sister to two babies. I soon after messaged Amy to tell her I’d love to shoot the twins when they were home and settled.

When I arrived at their home in South Surrey the twins were laying on the couch, Addison was wide awake and Makayla was fast asleep. I wanted them both asleep and this proved to be a difficult task (of course) but we managed some individual shots and some together, and then soon after I got a shot or two of them with big sister, who is SO proud. I really enjoyed getting to know the babes. The best thing about them is that they look totally different. Addison is all Amy, and Makayla is all John. I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Again I have to thank Kim from Eternally Hooked for these gorgeous crochet items!






Addison on the left, Makayla on the right. When I showed my husband this image (he knows John from childhood) his reaction was: wow, the one on the right looks EXACTLY like John.



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