I have met up with this family quite a few times, and each time I have such a blast with them. Their two adorable kiddos are so fun, and so cute. Hailey is getting close to 5 and Liam is now a year and a half! Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. We met at the wonderful Historic Stewart Farmhouse in South Surrey, and the rain stayed away (mostly) which made me extremely happy.

I can’t say enough great things about Susan and Stew. They are amazing parents, they do such a wonderful job with their little ones, and they are also obviously extremely proud of their babies. They are always so easygoing and pleased with my work, it is easy to get along with them and have a great time whenever I see them. I really enjoy getting to meet up with this family every 6 months, and love watching the kids grow. Hailey really knows who I am now, and soon enough Liam will recognize me. I am so blessed having such awesome clients!!!

I hope you guys enjoy your preview!















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