Nav contacted me after being referred by a fellow photographer who was unavailable to shoot for his Pre-Engagement Ceremony that was to take place at his parent’s home. He was very anxious to have this event go perfectly according to plan, and wanted to have some beautiful photos to remember this traditional ceremony. I was so excited to experience this part of Indian culture, I am fascinated by it! I have shot an Indian wedding and it was then that I learned just how incredibly hospitable, caring, and respectful this culture is. As soon as I arrived at Nav’s parents home in Mission, I was offered food and drink, and made to feel right at home. I felt comfortable right away, and began enjoying the atmosphere, taking in the sights and the gorgeous smells coming from the kitchen. Everyone was bustling around preparing food and offering it to guests, making sure everything was ready for when Mani and her family arrived for the formal meeting of families.




Sweets, which would later be offered to Nav and Mani by their elders in a blessing ceremony:


Mani and her family arrive. They were all dressed beautifully in gorgeous colours, of course:


Mani looked amazing!



Nav’s niece sitting on Mani’s lap. She stared at Mani in awe:


Nav kept busy socializing with all his guests. He was so anxious for everything to go well!






After a few family formals, we headed outside with the happy couple in the freeeeeeeeezing cold to get some outdoor shots:




Then it was on to the blessing ceremony. With cloth laid in their laps, each family member offered a small token as their blessing to the couple:







Lastly, Nav’s mother offered sweets to all the immediate family members.

I LOVED spending time with Nav and Mani’s family. Everyone was warm, welcoming, and so sweet. What a beautiful culture!!


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