Kim, who is an old friend of mine who now lives in Australia, contacted me begging me to work on my time off to photograph her and her husband while they were in town for the holidays. She was unfortunately a bit disappointed with her wedding photos (done by another photographer), from a few years ago and didn’t feel as though she had much to display in her home which showed the love between her and David. She really wanted something beautiful to celebrate the love they continue to have for each other over their marriage.

We met at Derby Reach Regional Park on a dreary December day, and I knew my biggest challenge with these two would be their height difference! Kim is shorter than me (and I’m only 5’3″!) and David towers above us both. Poor David is not used to the cold, being an Aussie! It was also quite funny to hear the Aussie accent that Kim has picked up from working as a teacher over the last few years. I haven’t seen either of them since Kim’s younger sister’s wedding (I was a bridesmaid in) in July of 2008. It was good to see them, catch up, and have fun taking photos. Kim is an art teacher and has a very trained artistic eye, and I can’t tell you how flattering it is that she thinks I am good enough to trust with her photos!

On to the best images!!!




oh I love Kim’s smile in this one, she does this wrinkly nose smile all the time!











Save my favorite for last! I love Kim’s hair clip!


Kim and David! I had such an awesome time with you two, and I’ll give you a call when the disc is ready!