Scott and Jaclyn are such a good match. I’ve known Scott for many years now, since his little sister is my best friend. I knew that Scott needed someone that could roll with his dry witt and sarcastic sense of humor, someone down to earth, positive, someone who doesn’t take life too seriously and laughs a lot. He found that with Jaclyn. She’s really an amazing girl. Mutual friends pushed them into the same situations. Starting out as friends, once the idea of love arose, it quickly blossomed.

I recently spent a few days in the summer in the company of the entire Ashton family, including Scott and Jaclyn. This family is awesome, and Jaclyn is so lucky to get to be a part of it.

We frolicked around Granville Island, and a bit around their Kitsilano apartment as well. Generally, just having a good time, chatting, laughing, talking about their wedding plans.

So, enough babbling. Enjoy the images! Blog love accepted.


















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