My friend Laura contacted me when she got pregnant to let me know she was thinking of doing some maternity photos. After some back and forth we decided to go ahead with it, and we set a day near her due date in December (ish). I think the doctors recently pushed her due date into January, but I’m pretty sure this girl isn’t going to be pregnant past Christmas!

Laura is so beautiful, I coudln’t wait to take some photos of her. Hubby/daddy Ryan was at work but he wanted us to focus on Laura so we had some fun together in the beautiful forest around their home in Vancouver.

I can’t wait to watch Laura spoil her baby. She is going to be the most attentive, caring, and loving mommy. She’s already well practiced with her 3lb Yorkie, Mackenzie. We are also awaiting to see what this baby is. I’m dying in anticipation!
















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