These three are just the cutest, easiest, most fun family to photograph. Kalina is precious, and John and Amy are so perfect in front of the camera. I always get some awesome shots with these three and I was excited to see them growing! Kalina is becoming such a little lady, and Amy has a baby belly! Just about a week before the shoot they found out they are having twins! Two more girls, and that will make a very complete family. I can’t wait to meet them.

We met at Fort Langley, one of my favorite places, and the day was beginning to grey over. We had some good natural softbox light going on, so I was a happy camper! It took Kalina a few minutes to get into the photoshoot. We quickly realized the best tactic with her was to tell her not to do something, and then she would do it, with a big grin. Good luck with her when she’s 14, you two! ;)

Enjoy the photos!














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