I met Angela a few years ago (just before my photography days) when we worked together downtown. I was immediately comfortable with Angie, because she has one of those energies you just can’t deny! She is so fun, energetic, and approachable. She is honest and caring, and naturally maternal. I wasn’t surprised when I met Blair on this gorgeous October day that he was much the same, and that he perfectly compliments Angie. I can’t wait to see them become parents, they are going to spoil this baby! We are waiting to find out what’s in that belly, boy or girl! I think it’s a girl!

I love the images that we made together! We really lucked out with some awesome weather, we had fun doing it and Angie is anxious to see how it translates on camera. I’m eager to show her!

I’m trying a different collage/color thingy. Let me know how you like it.

















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