The Olthoff’s have been on my blog many many times. Starting with portraits of their girls, and last was their wedding on July 10 this summer!

It was time for an entire family shoot, so I met Wendy, Mike and the girls at Redwood Park on a gorgeous October afternoon. I am serious, it was absolutely beautiful out! I love this park, it brings back memories for me as well as being a great place to shoot with lots of pockets of good light all around. Wendy really wanted a photo in front of the huge tree that’s located in one of the open fields.

Hannah was so well behaved and at first, Hailey did her usual non-expression while Hannah stood perfectly with a beautiful smile. Later on, the tables turned and Hailey began giving me grins as Hannah tired of the whole photo taking process. This just goes to show the opposite personalities of these two sisters, one brown haired and chocolate eyed, the other blonde and blue-eyed, yet the two are inseparable. Opposites attract, right?

They sure are a gorgeous family!

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