I traveled back down into Ocean Park for the last time this season to meet up with yet another Elgin Park Alumni wedding. I recognized so many faces and even saw some old teachers of mine. I arrived at the Wuttke household in an air of nostalgia. I stepped inside to find a party! Heidi and her crew were around her, including her brothers who were groomsmen, her parents, her bridesmaids, and of course some friends (like our favorite Jen Hall on makeup).

The day was October 10, 2010. An extremely important calendar day (10/10/10!) and therefore an extremely popular wedding date! How could the groom forget this anniversary date in 20 years? It was thanksgiving weekend, and we were blessed with an absolutely GORGEOUS day. I couldn’t have asked for it any better. To make it even more enjoyable for me is the time of day combined with the time of year. The ceremony at 4pm was just at the right time for that perfect photographic light. Portrait time went into the Golden Hour and I couldn’t be happier as a photographer to be doing wedding party photos at that time.

So the day went like this: after the Wuttke household was packed up and ready for the ceremony, we all headed to Morgan Creek Country Club. At 4pm the ceremony started, and it was incredibly touching. Very personal, very interactive, this is one of my favorite Officiants, she really involves the crowd. She even made them practice the bubbles for the aisle recession! It was awesome.

After ceremony, the wedding party headed to the Historic Stewart Farm for some creative party photos. We had a blast! I really fell in love with this wedding party! We headed back to reception after photos and started the party! The speeches were so heartfelt, and the games they did were hilarious.

Thank you so much Heidi and Matt for an amazing time, and the best closure to a wedding season I could ask for!

I just love this cute shot of Heidi and her siblings from the family formal part of the day right after the ceremony:

Just a little photographer FYI here, the shot of the rings in the ivy is shot at 6400 ISO. It was getting really dark out but I really wanted the rings in some greenery!

Heidi’s grandfather (seen below with Michelle and Lizzie) is so hilarious. He was cracking jokes with me the whole reception!

Game time was hilarious. Heidi had to wear a blindfold and pick her groom out of 4 men by feeling their legs. Matt had to pick his bride by sniffing 4 women. At one point Heidi’s brother jumped in place of a girl, and Matt said “that one smells kinda hairy”.

Having a live band is a real treat at a wedding, and Michelle, one of the bridesmaid’s and significant other to Heidi’s brother, sang for us. She performed Van Morrison’s “Moondance” which is by FAR one of my absolute favorite songs.

Once again congratulations Heidi and Matt! You two are SO CUTE together, I can’t wait to show you all your images!!

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