My fiance and I traveled along the winding Sunshine Coast Highway towards Sechelt, a beautiful seaside town only a few hours from my home on the Lower Mainland. I have grown up in the Lower Mainland but never been to the Sunshine Coast, and I was excited to be experiencing this gorgeous scenery while on my way to Cory and Devon’s wedding at Rock Water Secret Cove Resort. I was thankful to have Kris along with me, as Devon and Cory had invited him along. Kris originally was the reason Cory and Devon inquired about my photography, since Kris and Cory play hockey together. I knew this was going to be a fun weekend, and I think Devon and Cory agree with me that it all went perfectly to plan!

From the winding highway to the secluded country road leading us up to the resort, we were taken by the views once we arrived at Rock Water. It was the night before the wedding, and it was raining quite heavily. The forecast continued to promise a clearing overnight, and sunny skies on the day of the wedding.

The next morning, on September 13, I woke to just that. Sunny skies, chirping birds, drying up the ground and warming up the air. It was so perfect, there is nothing like a late summer rain to feel refreshed! I met with Devon, photographed her getting ready, and then on to the ceremony which was in one of the most amazing spots I have ever seen. The view was breathtaking! The ceremony was gorgeous, and the ring bearer (Devon and Cory’s dog!) performed perfectly. We moved on to some portraits, remaining totally relaxed, having a great time moving around the property, ending up at the tent suite that overlooked the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. These suites are pure luxury in a serene, wild, secluded setting. What more can you ask for!?

Reception started, and the wedding party entered with a bang, dancing their way through the tables to their seats. What ensued was nothing short of amazing. Great food, awesome speeches that tugged at all my heartstrings and made me howl with laughter, wicked dancing, and even a mind-blowing vocal performance during the special mother-son dance that was arranged.  Both Kris and I had an awesome time at this wedding.

So, before I get more winded than I already am, the photos!

It was truly an honor to be a part of your day! I can’t wait to show you the rest of your photos!

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