I’m sure everyone who is a regular follower of my blog remembers Amber and Cam from their Granville Island Engagement shoot earlier this year. I love the photos we got from that shoot, and I know Amber and Cam were happy with them, they were framed everywhere in the Brock House on the day of their wedding!

Amber and I attended the same schools, and lived in the same community, although just a few years apart in age, and Cam actually went to school with my fiance. Apparently back then, Cam had some long locks going on, and when Amber met him when she was just 15 years old, she fell for him, long hair and all. Since chopped, although not forgotten, Cam’s history of long hair was brought up several times during speeches, and provided us all with a lot of laughter.

On September 11, 2010, I started my day with Amber and her 4 bridesmaids at the Fairmont Waterfront hotel, and watched her prepare for her day. Our go-to makeup artist Jen Hall was there to enjoy the morning with us, applying some wicked beautiful makeup to all the girls.

After getting dressed and perfect, we moved to Stanley Park for some photos. Cam and Amber opted to have a “first look” and see each other before their ceremony, so we could get photos done before heading to Brock House and they could just enjoy the company of their family and friends from ceremony right through to the end of the night. While in Stanley Park, it started sprinkling some rain but we remained positive. However, when we started on our way to Brock House after the photos, the skies opened and it poured, so we had to move the ceremony indoors.

Although it wasn’t in the spot Amber would have liked, this ceremony was incredible. They chose one of the best officiants to perform the ceremony, and I was impressed at the personality and the beautiful words said. It was truly one of my favorite ceremonies to date. They even had a sand ceremony which involved not just Amber and Cam, but their grandparents and parents as well. This created a beautiful piece for Amber and Cam to cherish forever, knowing their family had given such a blessing at their ceremony is really touching.

Cocktail hour ensued after the ceremony and it was just mayhem from then on. A lot happening, hilarious speeches, great food, the shoe game, it all was just one big party. I got to see so many familiar faces that I haven’t seen since elementary school or high school. It was really a treat for me.

So, without any more delay (I know Amber is going nuts), here are the photos!

I am literally speechless at this beauty!

venue: Brock House Restaurant

cake: April Cakes

makeup: Jen Hall – vixenmakeupandhair@hotmail.com

Thank you again to Amber and her family, and Cam and his family for making me a part of this amazing moment in your lives!

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