At our first meeting, Jen literally gushed about Joel. She went on about how she had thought she’d never find a man to meet her standards, but that one day out of the blue, a friend had connected her with Joel, and that it was like two pieces of a puzzle coming together. She immediately knew that her search was over. These two extraordinary people, Jen being a veterinary nurse and Joel a pilot, never fail to impress. Jen has poise and grace, and Joel has a confidence that together make one of the most gorgeous couples I have ever met!

Both Jen and Joel have great role models in their parents who have been married for many years, and are surrounded by incredible family and friends who will no doubt support Jen and Joel in their journey in marriage.

I started out at Jen’s parent’s home in my old neighborhood of Ocean Park (love going back there, it’s so nostalgic for me!). My first glance of Jen was of her running across the cul-de-sac in her white cutoff shorts and turquoise shirt, her veil streaming behind her. She was just arranging some ride issues, and quickly met me back at the house. She was fresh faced and excited for her day!

The ceremony and reception were held at Redwoods Golf and Country Club, which boasts one of the most beautiful ceremony sites I have ever seen. The tall, tall trees and the rustling breeze made for a perfect setting. I couldn’t have asked for better weather for photographs.  A few tears, beautiful words and Jordan, my favorite officiant, made for a perfect ceremony from start to finish!

After getting touch ups from my absolute favorite makeup artist Jen Hall (you will recognize her from Shannon and Colby’s wedding, and see her again at Amber and Cam’s next), we ventured in to Fort Langley. This gorgeous little historical town is just around the corner from Redwoods. God, I love that place. It has so many places to photograph!

The reception at Redwoods was beautiful. Simply elegant, with accents of deep eggplant purple everywhere. The speeches are always the best time for photographs of the wedding party, I just love their reactions to all the words said. I was definitely laughing a lot myself!

Oh Jennnnn you looked so amazing!

It’s ceremony time. Little Flower Girl Jilly was totally ready! (and Jilly’s mom could totally pass for Jennifer Garner)

Tip: invite your makeup artist to your wedding. Or, hire your friend who is a MAC trained artist.

I’m madly MADLY in love with these ring pictures.

I don’t even know WHAT to say about these photos. I’m in awe. I just love them. It’s amazing how much more fun they had after a couple drinks ;)

Oh, that last photo has a story to it. The girl on the left (Jen Hall) actually did a sharpee tattoo on the lady on the right while they were in the men’s washroom. I don’t really know why they were in the men’s washroom. But they were proud of themselves. I don’t even know who Gary is.

And now for some ridiculously amazing first dance photos:

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