You might remember Ryan and his gorgeous girl Kristin from their engagement session in Granville Island. The three of us had a blast that day, exploring and just goofing around in the sunshine.

On August 14, we woke to a stifling hot day. It was a change from the rain I had shot in the weekend before. I headed out to North Vancouver to Lonsdale Quay where the wedding was going to take place. Kristin was getting ready at the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier, which is this gorgeous brand new hotel right at the corner of Lonsdale and Esplanade. Right behind was Ryan and Kristin’s apartment where Ryan was preparing for the day. I was able to visit both of them as they prepared. Ryan was much more nervous than Kristin, who was relaxed enjoying chocolate covered strawberries as her planner, Jen Opsahl of Hello Bella Events oversaw every detail. I always find the girls are spoiled in the morning and the guys are given a bunch of tasks to complete! However, they have a much shorter getting ready time.
Their ceremony was perfect, though hot, it was beautiful and filled with laughter. Ryan had the most adorable look in his eyes as he watched Kristin walk down the aisle, I am so glad to have captured that!
After the ceremony I took the wedding party on a walk around Lonsdale Quay, and I think the bridesmaids were wishing they wore shoes as comfy as Kristin had. They felt a little better when I confessed that although my shoes LOOKED comfortable, I was indeed getting huge blisters along with them, and that my Strawberry Shortcake band-aids weren’t really doing their job at protecting my feet.
The reception location was simply perfect. It was elegant and beautiful, simplistic and clean lined, it really showcased Kristin’s style which is beautiful, pretty, and simple.
Both Ryan and Kristin are such awesome people I really feel like I’ve lucked out with such amazing clients here!
Will update with links to all the vendors!
Here are the photos!