When I think of Tamara, I think of a blonde, 3 foot tall 4 year old. However, this was 20 years ago. I hadn’t spoken with, or for the most part, seen Tamara in 20 years. We had lived next door in a duplex and shared a yard for a few years as youngsters. We then continued to grow up in the same community without really ever crossing paths. When Tamara contacted me, she was simply gushing (through email if at all possible) that she was getting married to the most amazing man, and was eager to hire me to capture her day.
Through Tamara’s crazy work schedule (she’s a flight attendant) we arranged to meet and she looked just as I’d remembered her, but of course, older, a bit darker, and more beautiful than ever. Tamara has a radiance to her that is impossible to deny.
I didn’t get to meet this amazing man of hers until the day of their wedding. She was right, he is a perfect match for Tamara. Renae’s laid back, easy going demeanor just balances them out perfectly, and brings the best out in Tamara. The chemistry between these two is also obvious, for lack of a better word!
August 8th, 2010 was rainy in the morning, but the forecast promised sunny breaks in the afternoon. The sun pulled through, right during the ceremony, in the more perfectly photographic way (I could bore you with the details), as they said their vows on White Rock beach. Only steps away was their reception location, the Washington Avenue Grill, which bode live music (by Doug Towle), dancing, wine, and incredible food!
Tamara did all the decor, planning, and delegating herself. She left no detail overlooked! Her beachy touches were everywhere, and the palette of greens and pale yellow was gorgeous!

Renae, Tamara, I wish you all the wedded bliss there is to be had. Actually, I think I left you a note on the Wisdom Tree! I hope these images scratch your itch for a few weeks!

So without further adieu, the photos!