On August 7, 2010 on the very spot that Shannon and Colby first met, they vowed to be friends and partners forever. It was gorgeous, and a very heartfelt union. They way these two look at each other is nothing short of adorable.

The day started, and continued to be, pretty rainy. Shannon expressed her concern about the rain when I asked. Her excitement was not dampened though. She was girly, giggly, and smiley. Her gorgeous blonde hair was being perfected by Katrina Mather, one of my former brides, and her make-up was done by Jen Hall. Basically it was just one big Ocean Cliff Elementary reunion (myself included).

Shannon has incredible taste.

The girls got ready at Shannon’s parents house, in Ocean Park. Shannon looked absolutely stunning as she slipped into her dress.

The rain prevented me from getting much with the guys, as they were so busy drying chairs off for the ceremony! We managed to have it outside though, which I think was the best way! The colours were amazing and the ceremony site at Morgan Creek is so pretty.

Such an incredibly good looking large wedding party!

The way these two look at each other…

On to portrait time, we were able to have a little fun despite the sprinkling happening around us!

We had time for some nice portraits

and of course some one on one time!

It’s time for the reception. It looked amazing in that room!

I just love being a fly on the wall at receptions!

First dance time came quickly!

and then it was time to boogie!!!!!

Shannon said some really sweet words to me as I left for the evening, and I couldn’t be happier with the images I have to present to her and Colby! I can’t wait to show them more!