The other day, my family was taking one of our often-had walks in our beautiful neighborhood. I had brought my camera along with me, though honestly I usually don’t these days. I think my daughter enjoys my presence without something attached to my face more often than not, but I still try and capture the memories maybe a little more than the average mom.

Jayla has made a few appearances on the blog before. I don’t attempt to take formal portraits of her, but sometimes I am able to get some snaps that are so pretty, I have to share.

So back to our current subject, Jayla gave me some pretty and cute smiles this evening when I unexpectedly pulled her underneath a willow tree that had some gorgeous light coming in behind it.

Need I mention that she had some face paint lingering from the day before at Aldergrove Fair Days (where she rode a pony for the first time ever! Without me! Cause I was shooting a wedding! Darn!)

Leaves in her hair by this time!

I guess she’s getting the modeling thing down pretty well. Maybe I should go get her an agent!