Not long ago, I blogged a gorgeous maternity session with Sherry and Nick. It was one of my favorites, and I was so excited to see what this little guy would look like. He came with speed, though he was breach, so Sherry and Nick went through a fast, and very intense birthing process. C arrived into the world via c-section, and let me tell you, he is PERFECT. Just shy of 6lbs, looking “surprisingly white” according to mommy, he is a little masterpiece. I think he looks like both mommy and daddy. Can’t wait to see him grow!

These first couple of photos are with C’s “god-brothers”, and wow, they were the two most well behaved little boys I have ever met. I think I’m going to hunt down their mommy for a photoshoot.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more C as time goes on! Stay tuned!