Jessie has been planning her wedding for the better part of 2 years, and it was near the beginning of these plans that she decided to hire me. She contacted me, through flickr I think, and told me that when the time came, she will be seeking my services. She said no other would suffice. She was serious. After much planning, back and forth, and meeting, Jessie and Patricks big day was finally here. I arrived where Jessie was getting ready at her Maid of Honor’s house. Jessie was excited, and nervous, and desperately trying to get her and Patrick’s 8 year old daughter, Avery, ready, as well as herself. Avery ended up helping out as well.

Helping Mom get dressed.

Jessie you looked amazing!

Patrick preparing for his first look at his bride!

Family moment!!!!!

This is where Patrick proposed!

This wedding party was looking incredible!

Daddy/Daughter moment, so adorable!

We moved to the Heritage Hall on Main St. for the ceremony and reception!

Passing some time!


Avery was extremely glad to be involved.

There were cuties all around!

Ha! I think jumping shots always give us a good laugh. PS I made that guy put his camera strap around his neck before jumping. We will not be having any camera casualties on my watch!

Mr. and Mrs. Harris!

Images of Patrick and Jessie’s already well-established family life were scattered everywhere!

I love the back the best. Read it ALL.

Nice face Patrick!!!! I am not surprised!

I LOVE watching little kids dance!

Well Jessie and Patrick, I hope I meet your (extremely high) expectations of me, I feel like you’ve been building this up for two years, and I’m a bit nervous now! I had a great time on your day, I hope you enjoyed it as much as me!