When Kirsten got engaged, I was ecstatic for her, being a friend from high school that I always adored though we lost touch. I was so touched when she told me she wanted to hire me to photograph her wedding to Chris. I couldn’t wait to see her again, and meet Chris!

I traveled to Duncan for her wedding, and truly enjoyed my time with her family and friends, many of which who I knew from our school as well. Kirsten got her makeup done at Crave Beauty Boutique, and the owner was so kind to let us take over the whole store and even do hair there. Kirsten was relaxed, and really excited for her day to start.

The boutique also carries clothing, much of which I absolutely fell in love with. I am crazy about boutique clothing stores. I think Crave has to be the best place to shop for women in Duncan. And yes, I DID shop while taking photos. It’s called multi-tasking.

Time to get ready at the Sun Lotus Guesthouse

There was much talk about the shoes all day!

Big brother gives Kirsten a kiss.

I love this shot:

Kirsten’s handiwork with the boutonnieres. Martha would be proud, honey.

Quite possibly the cutest thing men do, besides cuddle their babies, is help each other with their ties.

The men make their exit from the guesthouse:

The cutest little wedding signs ever.

I don’t know what kind of intense stare-down is going on here between Kirsten’s dad, Geoff, and Chris, but maybe it was a right of passage of some sort? haha!

She was SO excited!

What a beautiful place to look out over as you get married!!! It was so gorgeous, I really loved it.

Yeah you did!!!!!

Awww…father daughter moments always make me tear up!

Stop being so cute Kirsty, seriously.

We had some crazy structures to work with.

Just gorgeous!

Holy hotness factor!!!

A short boat ride to a private island…

Enjoying each others company.

Kirsten and her mom and others spent months collecting antique and vintagey vases and porcelain items for the decor. It totally paid off!

An awesome kiss idea, they collected donations for the Alzheimer’s Society. The more generous the donation, the deeper the kiss.

Kirsten I want your eternity band. Consider yourself lucky I gave it back. HEHE!

Chris’s sister and brother were amazing MC’s. Corrie kept telling me how nervous she was, she was just adorable.

Someone in the family had kept the wishbone from last Christmas Dinner, which both many of the Budd’s and Ziebarth’s dined at together. Kirsten and Chris were the lucky ones to break it at their wedding. Kirsten won! I think they probably wished for the same thing though.

Yes it was getting late, so they cut the cake which I didn’t have a piece of (I never do. What is wrong with me?). I heard it was really good though!

Kirsten and Chris, I had an amazing day with you and your families, I hope you enjoy this preview, I can’t wait to show you the rest and design your album!